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August 13, 2018 Special Board Meeting



August 13, 2018 – 6:00 P.M.

Paw Paw Elementary Room #9

Paw Paw, Illinois


            President, Heidi McKee, called the Special Meeting of the Board of Education of Paw Paw Community Unit School District #271 to order at 6:00 P.M. on Monday, August 13, 2018. Those answering roll call were: Heidi McKee, Kristel Schlorff, Dawn Foster, Jason Penman, Steve Richey, Sandra Heiman, and Mark Dunklau. Also present were Superintendent Stan Adcock and Emmylou Truckenbrod. Present from Indian Creek were Superintendent Chad Willis and Jennifer Darlinger. Also present were Connie Shannon, June Safranek, Danessa Iversen, Kate Herbert, Angela Lampson, Rose Kidd, Renee Katschke, Kori Bullock, Wayne Pierce, Cathy Martin, Nicole Faber, Todd Schrader, Amber Edwards, Danielle Allen, Ellyn Schoenholz, Jen Kern, Janis Dunklau, Erin Odle, and Grisel Alderson.



Open Forum:  Connie Shannon asked the Board if anything more has been done with Mendota’s offer for deactivation and would be interested in knowing what they have to offer.

            June Safranek stated she has been hearing stories about money and would like to hear what the Board has to say.

            Rose Kidd also just wanted to hear what the Board has to say and surprised that the PCTC has been so negotiable.


Items for Discussion:


  1. Discussion of Current Status of Sending Paw Paw High School Students to Indian Creek High School Beginning 2019-2020 School Year.

The final offer from Indian Creek is $10,000 per student for the next 2 years. Paw Paw will be able to keep the sales tax and Indian Creek would take one Paw Paw teacher. Indian Creek would like to use the tuition revenue for projects such as 21st century classrooms, A/C throughout the building, new heat throughout the building, a new soccer and track field, and possibly a weight room. With tuition at $10,000/student, the Board believes it could be possible, but it may affect the Junior High and cuts would need to be made. A straw vote was taken to gauge the public’s interest in putting the deactivation with Indian Creek on the November ballot. The Board would like more time to explore other options, but Indian Creek would like to know sooner than later and the deal may be off the table if not on the November ballot.

  1. Discussion of Next Steps and/or Alternative Options for High School Deactivation Process

         Heidi McKee said the Mendota School Board had approached her when they first heard of the  talk between Paw Paw and Indian Creek. They expressed their interest in taking the Paw Paw  High School Students, but were understanding in that Paw Paw wanted to see where things                went with Indian Creek. The Paw Paw Board can always reach back out to Mendota if the Indian Creek deactivation is not voted through in November.                    



Board of Education

Special Meeting – Monday, August 13, 2018

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Action Items:


  1. Set tuition rate at $10,000/year per student to send Paw Paw High School Students to Indian Creek High School beginning 2019-2020 school year and put on the November ballot.

Jason Penman, seconded by Steve Richey, made a motion to set the tuition rate at $10,000/ year per student to send Paw Paw High School Students to Indian Creek High School beginning 2019-2020 school year and put on the November ballot.

                        Motion passed with a roll call vote, 4-1. Sandra Heiman and Dawn Foster voted present.




Kristel Schlorff, seconded by Mark Dunklau, made a motion to adjourn the Special Board Meeting of the Paw Paw Community Unit District #271 at 7:59 P.M.

Motion passed unanimously by a vote, 7-0.